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Healthcare providers are fighting every day under a tremendous pressure and always against time. Digital Health Revolution has changed the way medical treatment is been offered.

We are collecting cases from all over the planet about the stories behind each medical achievement. We are looking doctors in the eyes and all we see are passion and humanity beneath their white robes. We track the top and breaking through moments that are related to the use of Digital Health Hardware and Software Solutions.

Once a year we publish these stories aiming to unveil The Human Face of Medicine. 


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In case you found yourself in a-thin-ice position in front a patient that it was beyond your human ability to handle, but a Digital Health Solution bridged the gap and turned the situation in your favor, then we want your story.

Submit your case study or research or paper in an essay form (1000-2000 words) and be among the published writers of our upcoming book: The Human Face of Medicine 2018. Fill in the following submission form.

Submit your contribution until 30 September 2018.